Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Black Trillium by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May and Andre Norton

Synopsis: The kingdom of Ruwenda is attacked by neighboring Labornok, whose king has long been jealous of its wealth and prosperity. Ruwenda's rulers are brutally slain, but their daughters--the three Petals of the Living Trillium, prophesied to save their country in a time of peril--flee to the Archimage Binah, who directs them to their magic talismans. Each accompanied by a childhood companion, Oddlings of the area's aboriginal races, the girls must conquer their weaknesses: the eldest, her intellectual arrogance; the middle sister, her tendency to act before thinking; the youngest, her great timidity. Their enemies pursue them, led by a sorcerer seeking ancient secrets hidden in the abandoned cities.

Review: This was dreadful. Seriously. I knew within the first 4 pages that I would not enjoy it. I skimmed most of it, read the last 2 pages and knew the entire story. It was tedious and trite with many words and little story. The characters were flat and forced, the non-human races were stereotypes and the world building was boring. The only unique part was the appearance of a computer system which was never really explained and seemed dropped in for no reason. It's disappointing that three greats like this create a book of such mediocrity.

Bookmarks: 4 of 10

Awards: None

Date Finished: 6-3-2011
Pages: 503

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