Monday, September 9, 2013

Aquisitions: Book Exchange, Williamsburg VA

Two seperate people informed me of a bookstore in Williamsburg that I might enjoy.

Oh, heavens, where they right! The Book Exchange in Williamsburg, VA might be my new favorite used book store.

Here's why:

1. While their books ranged from $4 to $10, once on sale, books were priced $1-$3 - for GOOD books. That's my sort of pricing.

2. I took a small stack of books to trade in (perhaps 7). I received $11 in credit. Which wasn't much compared to how much I bought. BUT considering I have several large bags at home to turn in  - you can see where I'm going with this, right?

3. They have two shelves devoted to Newbery Books. From said shelf, I acquired 10 (TEN!) Newbery books, half of which I'd never heard!

4. They had stacks of Dear America and My Name Is America books. I snagged 9 (NINE!), all hardcover. My collection of those series is looking mighty fine!

5. They had a large YA section, a marvelous Sci Fi/Fantasy and Women's Studies. There was a nice balance between fiction and non-fiction. Descent organization, well-lit, easy to dig through the stacks and they provided baskets.

6. The ones I didn't buy: There were a lot. I put back at least a dozen and didn't pick up twice that. Once I get a free Saturday, I plan to go back up and turn in more books and bring home more books. Who's with me!?


  1. I would definitely be with you if I weren't several hundred miles away! --Jennifer