Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: 2061: Odyssey Three by Arthur C. Clarke

Synopsis: Arthur C. Clark, creator of one of the world's best-loved science fiction tales, revisits the most famous future ever imagined in this NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, as two expeditions into space become inextricably tangled. Heywood Floyd, survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monloiths, must again confront Dave Bowman, HAL, and an alien race that has decided that Mankind is to play a part in the evolution of the galaxy whether it wishes to or not. (from the online description)

Review: Between 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two and this one, this one is my favorite. I enjoyed seeing the character Heywood Floyd again, I enjoyed the new technology, the adventure, the description of Europa and the other settled planets and moons. There was more action, more dialogue and less verb age about philosophy and the nature of humans. My only complaint it the ending. It sort of just - ended. There was almost no explanation as to how things happened or what the hell David Bowman or HAL had to do with anything. I would have liked more. I suppose that means I will need to read 3001, although, from the description of that book, it doesn't seem like any of my questions will be answered. 

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 0-345-35879-1
Date Finished: 5-10-2014
Pages: 271

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