Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aquisitions: I Have Been Busy

Aside from my usual monthly book shopping expedition, I also attend a booksale at the local library. I'm a member of their Friends of the Library group, so I get to go to the Member's Only sales. It's lovely to dig through the books before they've been picked over by the general public.

I purchased far to many to list here (shocker, right?) so I'll just list my best finds:

The Story of Mankind by Hendrick Willem van Loon: Not only is this a Newbery book, it is the FIRST book to win the Newbery Medal. Published in 1921, it won the first Medal, given in 1922. It can be expensive to buy but I purchased it for $1 in good condition at the library sale. I won't lie - I may have done a little victory dance in the aisle.

Victory Conditions by Elizabeth Moon: You wouldn't think this one would be hard to find, being that Moon is a popular author. But it was. The last in her Vatta's War series, it was harder to find that I expected. Perhaps because it's the last in the series and those are usually less popular than the beginning.

Fanny by Stephen Cosgrove: This is a Serendipity Book. As a child, I was an avid reader of the Serendipity books - The Wheedle on the Needle, The Gnome from Nome, the Savapotumus. To actually find one in a thrift shop - Euphoria! I'm excited to collect the rest of them!

In all, I've acquired 30+ new books in the last month, and nearly twice that many to give away. With a nephew and a godson, I'm always on the prowl for books for children. My books come from all sorts of wild places - thrift shops and used book stores, online venues and library book sales. They are lost and wayward souls that I adopt and give good homes too!

What books have you acquired recently?

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