Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: George MacDonald - The Best From All His Works ed. by Charles Erlandson

Synopsis: This is a collection of both sermons and stories by George MacDonald, the pastor and storyteller C. S. Lewis credited with mentoring him through his writings.

Review: I must divide this review into two sections. First, his fiction: beautifully written fairytales using clear , light prose. I enjoyed his stories, for the most part. The Shadows was my favorite - it was a dark, glorious tale. I also enjoyed the Light Princess - the princes was an interesting character and reading about her growth was interesting. The other two stories were okay, but didn't hold my attention well.
As for the second part, I think his sermons and teaching have depth and value, and are excellent for instruction and learning. However, they did not appeal to me - I found them dull and hard to grasp. I do not think this is a reflection of MacDonald. It is that for a mind like mine, which requires excessive clarity to grasp anything - it was too much.

Bookmarks: 6 of 10

Date Finished: 11-5-11
Pages: 284

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