Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ramble: End of Year

I feel slightly guilty that I did not write an End of Year Review. This prose would include of best of list, an analysis of my goals achieved (or not) and my projection for the coming year.

But truthfully, my only reflection is on the achieved goal of writing a review for ever book read. Which, if my math is correct, is 115. That's quite a load, if you account for the number of hours I'm compelled each day to attend to matters not related to books.

Therefore, my belated closing statement for 2011 is this: It's was a good year for reading.

2012, perhaps, will be better. But I am writing more, so reading less - an inevitable trade.

As such, I have begun a new blog, were I shan't speak at all about books. Okay, maybe a bit. But it will be to practice writing about other things.

2012: To Writing. To Reading. To Learning and Growth. Let's get going, people!

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