Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Sally Wister's Journal: A True Narative by Sally Wister

Synopsis: The diary of a young girl during the Revolutionary War. In 1775 Sally Wister was sent to the countryside to avoid harm. This is a delightful historical record of a young girl's life during a perilous and all-important time in American history (from the online description)
Review: I enjoyed reading about young Miss Wister's experiences during the war. Sadly, it was only a small, tantalizing glimpse. Wister is a lively writing, with an eye for the people around her and a knack for capturing the best bits of her experiences. I wish there was more to her journal, or her life. According to Wikipedia, she lived in her father’s house until her death as an old lady and never married. Given her constant reassurance to her audience that her heat was unmoved by the dashing gentlemen officers she met, this does not surprise me. In the end, I recommend this book as an excellent resource for anyone studying the Revolutionary War, in particular how women and the general populace faced it. This would be an excellent book for kids, age 11+, I think.
Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: None
ISBN: 1-55709-114-5
Date Finished: 7-8-2014
Pages: 62

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