Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ramble: Children's Books

I collect Children's Books. Meaning, books for readers from Birth to 6 or so. Not just any books, however. I picky. I want classics, like Madeline or Seuss or the Berenstain Bears. I enjoy modern classics, like Fancy Nancy or Skippy John Jones. Some, like the Sweet Pickles or Serendipity books, are from my childhood. And other, like Eli or Maybe a Bear Ate It or Rascal, simply appeal to me.

Someone once asked me why I collected books for young readers when I have no children. I suppose I could answer, for the kids who come to my house, my nephew or godson. Or, maybe because I feel any good library should have these volumes.

But the answer is much more raw than that.

I want children. But my husband and I have been told by medical specialist we are not able. But I know that God works miracle every day and He can work one in me. So, I collect books to read to my kids.

If I ever give up collecting Children's Books, you will know I have lost faith and hope that Nick and I will be given a child.

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