Friday, October 30, 2015

Ramble: Update on 2015 Reading Goals

When we last check on our intrepid heroine, we learned she hadn't gotten as far in her goals as she hope.

Alas, she's still there.

Evolution (5+): I’ve still only read one. I’m supposed to read Bates' The Darwin Reader next, and then a Richard Dawkins. But I can’t seem to motivate myself.  Probably because I’m taking a difficult Physics course, and my brain can only handle so much dense thinking at once. I doubt I will finish this one – but I hope to at least give one more.

Economics and Finance (2+): Done!

Memoir and Essay (2+): I decided on Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle. I just need to read it.

Mystery and Horror (3+): I originally planned to read all my scary stories this month. But it turned out to be a busier month than I foresaw. I still have two days, so maybe I can still get one in!

Science Fiction (10+): Done! 

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