Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

Synopsis: Josey Cirrini is sure of three things: winter is her favorite season, she’s a sorry excuse for a Southern belle, and sweets are best eaten in the privacy of her closet. For while Josey has settled into an uneventful life in her mother’s house, her one consolation is the stockpile of sugary treats and paperback romances she escapes to each night…. Until she finds her closet harboring Della Lee Baker, a local waitress who is one part nemesis—and two parts fairy godmother. With Della Lee’s tough love, Josey’s narrow existence quickly expands. She even bonds with Chloe Finley, a young woman who is hounded by books that inexplicably appear when she needs them—and who has a close connection to Josey’s longtime crush. Soon Josey is living in a world where the color red has startling powers, and passion can make eggs fry in their cartons. And that’s just for starters. (from the back of the book)

Review: This novel joins a rare collection of my fiction. Normally, when I picked up a fiction book, it's because someone recommended it, it's an author I already know or have heard about. This book, however, was one that "spoke" to me I picked it up, read the back, and knew it was a book I would adore. And it was. The characters intrigued me, and I was quickly twisted up into the story. The sugar-candy theme wove through out the story, and the magic - I loved it. The books appearing, the magic red sweater, the sweet romance, and the twist at the end - all made this book as satisfying as a warm cookie. Described as a Southern Gothic with a touch of Magic Realism, it truly lives up to those. A bit dark, a bit light, where secrets bind people together and keep them apparent, Allen writes a story worth reading.

Bookmark: 7 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 978-0-553-38484-0
Date Finished: 10-27-2015
Pages: 284

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