Monday, May 30, 2016


Since I don't live in a large population area, or one with a high level of geek-minded people, Free Comic Book Day isn't as widely celebrated as I would enjoy. But the husband and I did stop by two shops to pick up what we could.
Here is a picture of what I snagged:

Serenity: 8 of 10
I LOVED THIS STORY - Browncoats Forever! Seriously, after the devastation to my feels at the end of the movie, there is some restoration in the fact that Zoey and Walsh have a baby - that Walsh lives on in her. This comic also featured a Hellboy story and an Aliens story, neither of which made sense to me (they both get a 5 of 10). But who cares? I got this for the Serenity Story!

ROM: 6 of 10
I'm partial to robots - particular space robots. That's why I chose this one. It was okay. My idea for these free comics is to get you interested in the character - but if you don't understand the story or they don't adequately explain the world, you get lost and don't connect. That is what happened here. I think I might like this, except the story was muddled and I never understood the point of the ROM. Sad, really.

March: 8 of 10
This is a graphic novel about a young man’s adventure during the Civil Rights campaigns. It’s a brilliant medium for telling this story. Worth reading. 

Worlds of Aspen 2016: 7 of 10
I enjoyed the concept, and they did a fine job of introducing the main character and helping the reader connect to her. I would read this, if I found it. 

DC SuperHero Girls: 7 of 10
I applaud DC for creating an all-girls superhero show. The story was a bit weak, sadly. I hope this is just a one-off and the cartoon deals with more than just spats between friends and anxiety over school work. I hope they plan stories with substance. But it does show promise. 

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