Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Cadre Messiah by Robert O'Riordan (Cadre One, Book Three)

Synopsis: As a young man, Pol Tyrees was the toughest of the Cadre, elite police who mercilessly kept law in the Regnum. Then he learned the mystical way of the Seers and, with extraordinary physical powers at his command, wiped the Regnum clean of corruption. Now worshipped as a god, Tyrees rues the galactic empire he once served. His New Covenant order, spread by Seers, maintains the Regnum in unity and peace. But tranquility cannot last. For two Seers have been murdered and an enemy of the New Covenant is on the loose Now, with the fate of the Regnum in his hands, the invincible Pol Tyrees must search the galaxy for a killer….a traitor whose powers match his own! (from the back of the book)

Review: This book disappointed me. It started well, with Tyree facing personal demons and the burden of ruling an empire. Add to that a murder of similar power who is murdering the Seers, the messengers of the faith. This is an excellent conflict to start a novel with. But from there, it spirals into angst-ridden nonsense and disjointed vignettes.
First, Tyrees acts stupidly. The previous novels demonstrate his power at observations, but twice in this book, he is just dumb, completely missing the obvious.  It was nonsensical to spend two novels to convince the reader of his awesome ability only to have them disappear. It made the villain seem less intense or evil, and more, just a person prospered because Tyrees was an imbecile.
Second, Tyrees’ obsession with Shaamlik and with Cubas seemed a plot device with no purpose. What did they teach us about his character that we didn’t already know? Nothing.
Third, the ending. It was as if O’Riordan got tired of writing, dumped in a few half-formed ideas and ended the book. No closer. No redemption. No understanding of Tyrees, who he was and who he is. Nothing.  Like the last few pages of the book were missing. I felt cheated.

A sad end to an interesting series, really. So much potential, wasted. 

Bookmarks: 6 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 0-441-09016-8
Year Published: 1988
Date Finished: 12-28-2016
Pages: 204

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