Saturday, December 31, 2016

Review: Serendipity Books by Stephen Cosgrove

 Synopsis: The Serendipity books are a collection for young children with a moral perspective. Various animals, some real, some imaginative, These creatures had adventures in which they learns important lessons about friendship, fear, moderation, helping, knowing yourself, and ecology. Coupled with cheery colorful illustrations, these stories are particularly made for children ages 3-5.
For this review, I read seven of the series: Trapper, Snaffles, Little Mouse on the Prairie, Hucklebug, Morgan and Mee, Kartusch, and Serendipty.

Review: My mom read me these books as a child and as such, I have a particular endearment for them. When I found these seven in a book shop, and realized I hadn't read any of them, I snagged them, eager to read more of these favorite stories.
Unfortunately, these seven tended towards the sappy and simple, instead of the imaginative and adventurous of the ones my Mom read. Perhaps she picked the best ones. Perhaps it is my own glossy memory of childhood. But the ones like Muffin Muncher, Wheedle on the Needle, Maui-Maui, and The Savepotmus are better. Still, owning these is important to me and I am glad I have them.

Bookmarks: 6 of 10

Awards: None

Trapper: 0-8431-0587-9
Snaffles: 0-87191-793-9
Little Mouse on the Prairie: 0-87191-690-8
Hucklebug: 0-87191-657-6
Morgan and Me: 0-8719-660-6
Kartusch: 0-8431-0568-2
Serendipty: 0-87191-662-2

Years Published: 1974-1981
Date Finished: 12-27-2016
Pages: 15 per book

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