Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Synopsis: Seventy years ago, Earth was attacked by the buggers and only by shear luck did humans escape annihilation. Someday, however, the buggers will return. The government has taken to breeding and training children as soldiers, a process that's produced good, but not saving, results. Then they find Ender Wiggin, the most brilliant of them all. Taken from his parents and trained in Battle School, he quickly rises to the top. Ender is the only one who can save Earth from destruction…if he doesn’t go insane first.

Roughts: The story is mostly told from the viewpoint of Ender, but occasionally from Colonel Graff, Ender’s handler or Valentine, Ender’s sister. This give Card the ability to develop Ender has a complex character, one the reader is immediately drawn too. This is not at the expense of the supporting cast, either. Card’s characters are all 3-demensional and rich, making the story exceptional. The ending is both expected and not, and the world building is delicately handled, detailed but not overwhelming.

Bookmarks: 9 of 10

Awards: The Hugo Award 1986, The Nebula Award 1985

Date Completed: 01-02-2011
Pages: 352

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