Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ramble: Without Books

It’s no secret book lovers constantly acquire books. I myself favor purchasing used books, eschewing libraries after turning over my life savings several times to pay fines. The only library I frequent is one attached to my job and they don’t charge late fees for staff (woohoo!).

Generally, I acquire between 75-150 books per year, even with my current Book Ban*. While this Ban is a good idea, I am adept as weaseling around it -weaseling being my husband's word for it; I prefer creative planning.

Recently, I've been rethinking my creative planning. What if, and this is a big what if, I went a whole year without acquiring books through any means – no sales, no weaseling, no gifts, no cards, no book dates, nothing, zip, zilch. What would happen?

Would I explode? Go through withdrawal like a junky? Cave within a week, a month? Find myself stronger then I thought?

It’s an intriguing idea, no? What say you?

*I may not, without my husband’s permission, purchase any books. The exceptions are Approved Library Book Sales, Book Dates and Gift Cards.

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