Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm

Synopsis: Penny Falucci lives with her mother and grandparents, but close to her dead father's large Italian family. The summer of 1953, the summer she turns 12 her life changes - her mother starts dating the milkman, her arm gets caught in a washing wringer and she finally confronts her family about her father's death.

Roughts: This is an excellent book. The daily life of Penny, her questions, confusions, joy and growth are seemlessly woven into the larger picture of life after WWII, the idea of Italians in America and the presecution they faced during the war, the ideas of what makes a family, secrets, grief, guilt and healing. Having married into an Italian family myself, I laughed at several of the scenes. Being the product of a broken home, I understood Penny's concern at her mother moving on. Over all, I found this book to be like a plate of rich lasagna - warm, satisifing and worth every minute.

8 of 10

Newbery Honor 2007

Date Finished: 2-4-2011
Pages: 274

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