Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Skellig by David Almond

Synopsis: I thought he was dead. He was sitting with his legs stretched out and his head tipped back against the wall. He was covered with dust and webs like everything else and his face was thin and pale. Dead bluebottles were scattered on his hair and shoulders. I shined the flashlight on his white face and his black suit."
This is Michael's introduction to Skellig, the man-owl-angel who lies motionless behind the tea chests in the abandoned garage in back of the boy's dilapidated new house. As disturbing as this discovery is, it is the least of Michael's worries. The new house is a mess, his parents are distracted, and his brand-new baby sister is seriously ill. Still, he can't get this mysterious creature out of his mind--even as he wonders if he has really seen him at all. (From the back of the book)

Review: This is a short, intense book told from the viewpoint of a child dealing with complex changes in his life. It's part coming-of-age, part mystery, part fairy tale. I enjoyed it. Simple prose painting a wide colorful picture. The characters are multi-dimensional and well-crafted. I connected with them. In the end, this is an excellent book.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: Carnegie Medal in 1998

Date Finished: 2-11-2011
Pages: 182

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