Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: Whittington by Alan Armstrong

Synopsis: This novel interweaves animal fantasy and family story with a retelling of the English folktale Dick Whittington and His Cat. A battered tomcat named Whittington arrives one late-fall day at a New England barn, where he gradually befriends the equally ragtag group of animals already adopted by the barn's taciturn but soft-hearted owner, Bernie. When the year's first big snowstorm traps the bored animals in the barn, Whittington begins telling the story of his namesake, Dick Whittington, to an audience that grows to include Bernie's parentless grandchildren. The feline continues the story as winter grinds on, and the children and animals together absorb Dick's tale of good fortune, which he earned through trust in the advice of his dear friend, a remarkable cat, and his own hard work and struggles. The tale parallels that of Ben, Bernie's grandson, who learns to read once he trusts the advice of his friends and takes extra classes to help him overcome his dyslexia (From the back of the book)

Roughts: I enjoyed this book. The animals were well done characters, the prose strong and simple, the story engaging. I like the story in a story concept and the historical aspect was rich in detail without being overwhelming or dry. The author did immense research and it should in the accuracy and adventure. Side note, I'm always a sucker for books that promote reading. Of course.

Booksmarks: 7 of 10

: Newbery Honor 2006

Date Finished: 2-5-2011
Pages: 191

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