Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reveiw: The Cat Who Went to Heave by Elizabeth Coatsworth

Synopsis: Some people say that three-colored cats such as Good Fortune are lucky cats. Her owner, a poor artist, is not very lucky until Good Fortune comes to live with him. No one buys his paintings, so he has very little money to live on. Good Fortune changes his life. Suddenly, he is asked to do a painting, and Good Fortune sits with him every day, watching him paint. He knows she wants to be in the painting, but if he puts her in the picture he will be ruined How can he choose between success and his dearly loved cat?

Review: This was a short, sweet little book. The artist is asked to paint a picture of Buddha. All the animals are included except cats because they would not bow to Buddha and so are not welcome to heaven. But the artist knows Good Fortune is the source of his luck - how can he leave her out?
The artist spends most of the book thinking about Buddha and the stories surrounding him. It's a little slow at points, heavy on the imagination and color. Not the best Newbery Book I've read, but not bad and I would recommend to a child interested in learning about Buddha in a story format.

Bookmark: 6 of 10

Awards: Newbery Medal, 1931

Date Finished: 4-17-2011
Pages: 54

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