Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels Trilogy, Book III)

Synopsis: Jaenelle Angelline now reigns as Queen-protector of the Shadow Realm. No longer will the corrupt Blood slaughter her people and defile her lands. But where one chapter ends, a final, unseen battle remains to be written, and Jaenelle must unleash the terrible power that is Witch to destroy her enemies once and for all. Even so, she cannot stand alone. Somewhere, long lost in madness, is Daemon, her promised Consort. Only his unyielding love can complete her Court and secure her reign. Yet, even together, their strength may not be enough to hold back the most malevolent of forces.

Review: Again, I was thankful I had Book III on hand at the end of Book II. Daemon returns, but isn't sure where Jaenelle is or how to find her. Jaenelle rules as Queen, but is lost without Daemon's love. And the enemies are still gathering, still lurking. I was pleased with how the story ended. I felt it was a bit rushed, but it ended the way it should. Many times the reader knew how it would end before the characters did, and I found this a unique. It gave the prose a odd flavor, but not unpleasant. This book is the end to a fantastic, intiguing and intense series. Bishop certainly deserved the praise she received for this works.

Bookmark: 8 of 10

Awards: None

Date Finished: 4-5-2011
Pages: 448

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