Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Purge 2012

I'm not sure what got into me, but I was rather ruthless with this purge. 370+ books - gone! It feels grand, to say the least. Several friends have picked through them, taking what they wanted. But I still have so many left.

I plan to take some to a department at work that has a lending library, others I will take to a book shop for credit and the remainder will be given to a local thrift store.

In addition to purging, I've begun loading all my books onto my LibraryThing account. It's marvelous. I can access it from work, or by cell phone - no more buying books I already own.

If you wish to see what I own, you can look at my catalog here. It is not complete. I have only uploaded about 1/4 of my books, being that it takes time to do so. Also, I haven't gone back through the last load of books and corrected titles are versions. It's a delightful task.

This, of course, makes my goal of reading all my books that much easier. The smallish goal is to have at least 50% read. Once I load all my books into LibraryThing, I shall be able to calculate my read to un-read ratio and then we shall see where I stand.

And that's enough booky goodness for today.

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