Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Ace-in-the-Hole Haggarty by R. M. Hankins

Synopsis: Bennett's ranch is the biggest in New Mexico - but he's had to step on a lot of toes to get there. Now, trouble crowds him on ever side - homesteaders take his water, rustlers take his cows and his enemies look to take his life. His only recourse is to hire Haggarty, a lean, tough killer with a shady past. But Haggarty's quick draw and quicker wits might not be enough to beat a gang of rustlers with an ace up their own sleeve!

Review: I purchased this book in a estate sale lot, along with about a dozen other western novels from the 1940-1950s. These are great. It's like a novelization of a John Wayne movie. Lots of swearing and quick shooting and gambling and name-calling. So-n-so's a yellow-belly this or a son-a-gun that. So delightfully cheesy. It's a light and easy read, perfect for a summer day on the deck with a snort of something stiff!

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: None

Published: 1945
Date Finished: 3-19-2014
Pages: 223

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