Friday, March 6, 2015

Ramble: Reading Goals for 2015

Last year, my reading goal was 150 books - any books. I managed to complete this by reading largely small books like YA and childrens, or comic books.

This year, I don't want a numerical reading goal. I want a substance goal.

I want to read more non-fiction, all those books on history, religion, science, and sociology that I've collected. I want to read all those classics and cozy novels and mystery series from the 40s. And I most certainly want to read the 500+ science fiction novels I have.

I have tentatively set a numerical goal of 130, which is ambitious. But, I will adjust as needed.

Reading Projects:

Evolution: 5+ books, including Origin of the Species by Darwin

Economics and Finance: 2+ books

Memoir and Essay: 2+ books

Mystery and Horror: 3+ 

Science Fiction: 10+ including at least 2 trilogies. 

So far, I've read one book about finance and economics, and I've started the Darwin. I'll check in with you in a few months, and give an update.

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