Monday, May 4, 2015

Ramble: Free Comic Book Day

While I have heard of this marvelous phenomenon, Free Comic Book Day, for several years, I don't usually get a chance to participate.

Not this year! I actually heard about it in time, and rallied my troops (a.k.a. fellow nerd-friends) and we trooped off to our local comic book shop to partake.

While the shop usually only lets adults take one, the owner let me take two - we go in a lot and buy things, so he likes me.

Here is what I picked up:

Tales of Honor - the Graphic Novel based on David Weber's Honor Harrington series, which I have, although I haven't read. I do enjoy bad-ass female military stories, and this is just the thing.

Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice - I was attracted to the cover and the title, and then when I saw the author? Well, that sealed the deal. I enjoy Gaiman's work, even if I don't always understand it. And this just looked fabulous!

PS: Husband got this one. We aren't Canadian, nor do we have many friends who are. He got it purely for the humorous factor.

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