Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: The Empress of Earth by Melissa Scott (The Roads of Heaven, Book 3)

Synopsis: Silence Leigh is an anomaly: though a mere female, she has mastered the skills of both pilot and mage. Now, after years of tutelage, comes her final test: to reopen the road to lost Earth, thereby restoring Man's home to communication with the other worlds and securing herself an undeniable right to a starship of her own. But the road to Earth is well guarded. If subterfuge does not breach his defenses, Silence and her husbands must fight. And against them stand the mysterious Rose Worlders and their siege engines. (from the back of  the book)

Review: As the third and last in the series, I was pleased to finally reach the conclusion. Using the items gained in the last novel, Silence, her husbands, and her master set out to find a way to Earth. I found the description of the process interesting, although it took a more of the book than I think it should have. Once on Earth, our intrepid heroes spend an enormous amount of time of the learning about Earth, it's cultures and people - and why it's been cut off from the rest of human race. The Rose Worlders keep Earth trapped and the pollution controlled with machines. Silence and her crew spend the last few chapters setting up a rebellion  - and then in the last few pages - everything happened at once. Literally, the entire rebellion, all the action, all the wrap up - all of it - 5 pages, max. While the story (this one, and the trilogy as a whole) is a good story, I was often baffled by the part of the story that Scott choose to focus on. Why the whole thing with the gang and the farm people and the entire chapter about them traveling in a train?
In the end, it's a good story and a good trilogy, worth reading, but I haven't quite figured out Scott's style of writing yet.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: None

ISN: 0-671-65364-4
Date Finished: 5-11-2015
Pages: 346

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