Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: The 5 Core Commitments by Mark Balmer

Synopsis:Written by the Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Melbourne, this book is the explanation of that church's basic tenets: Commit, Celebrate, Connect, Communicate, Contribute

Review: This is a thin, simple little volume, and yet, it's extremely powerful. With clear prose, Balmer expands and explains these five concepts. Together, these tenets make up the aspects of the Christian life. As Christians, we commit to Christ, we celebrate Him, we connect to Him and other Christians, we communicate through prayer and the Bible, and we contribute - time, money, talents. While not deep concepts, and certainly nothing new, it was a timely reminder and something good to hear. This is worth reading, even if you don't attend this church. It's a good primer on the Christian life and beliefs.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 1935144251
Date Finished: 3-17-2015
Pages: 131

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