Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ramble: 2016 Reading Goals

Having experienced the pleasing results of setting goals in 2015, I shall continue the exercise in 2016 and will be attempting the following achievements.

Total Read Goal: 130 

This is the same as 2015. Of course, I surpassed the 2015 goal, but that is most likely a one-off and I can't count on that again. I also have no idea what 2016 holds, so to set myself a goal that requires extra work is foolish.


Christian Books: 50+.

Yes, that is fifty. 5-0. They may be fiction or non-fiction, but no more than 20% or 10 (ten) may be fiction. This is an enormous challenge, and one I'm not sure I can meet. Non-fiction requires more time to read, particular if I wish to mark passages or think about the concepts. However, I am compelled to set this challenge for myself. I own 187 unread Christian books, and I buy more on a regular bases - as if having them makes me holy and more pleasing to God. Wrong! Not that reading them will either, but God speaks to me through books (as He speaks to others through music or nature) so I wish to open myself up to this. Even if I do not make 50, having reached any number at all will be better than were I am now. 

Evolution: 4+

I set 5+ for myself last year and I read 1. So, I'm continuing this challenge and wish to finish it. There are several books which are both Christian and Evolution, so will count for both challenges, thus easing the burden a bit. 

Series: 5+ Series
Must be 2 or more books per series, but preferably 3 or more. The series must be complete and I must own all the books. Manga does not count. At least 3 of the 5 should be science fiction or fantasy.

And there you have it. The gauntlet is laid down and now I must rise or perish. Well, not perish. That’s a bit dramatic. But you get the idea.

Goodbye for now – I’m off to read!

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