Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: Heartless by Gail Garriger

Synopsis: Lady Alexia Maccon, soulless, is at it again, only this time the trouble is not her fault. When a mad ghost threatens the queen, Alexia is on the case, following a trail that leads her deep into her husband's past. Top that off with a sister who has joined the suffragette movement (shocking!), Madame Lefoux's latest mechanical invention, and a plague of zombie porcupines and Alexia barely has time to remember she happens to be eight months pregnant.
Will Alexia manage to determine who is trying to kill Queen Victoria before it is too late? Is it the vampires again or is there a traitor lurking about in wolf's clothing? And what, exactly, has taken up residence in Lord Akeldama's second best closet?

Review: Unlike Blameless and Changeless, this one is a stand alone story, although it is linked quite properly to the previous three books. I enjoyed the further exploration of several secondary characters and the action, although I wasn't as pleased by the ending as the other three. However, the characters remain true, the humor is sharp and witty, and the action quick and well-done.

Bookmarks: 8 of 10

Award: None

Pages: 385
Date Finished: 7-2-2011

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