Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: White Gloves and Party Manners by Marjabelle Young and Ann Buchwald

Synopsis: A series of instructions on proper and correct manners regarding interactions with other people in a variety of social settings.

Review: This is a simple book on manners written in 1965. While some of the instructions seem old fashion, most are relivant regardless of time. We may not have maids that serve our meals, but not talking with your mouth full is good manners today as well as 50 years ago. Instructions on basic introductions, good table and phone manners, parties, going out to resturants and movies, and general social interactions are all covered.
Like all books such as this, it's an excellent resource. But most children will learn their manners from parents, not a book. For me, it reminded me of the basics that my mother sought to teach me and how I've let myself slide a bit as grew. This was a refresher course for me, and I recommend it to anyone looking for the same thing.

7 of 10


Finished: 06-27-2011

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