Sunday, April 19, 2015

Acquisitions: FoL Booksale and Comic Book Shop Loot

I stopped by the local library's booksale, as I always do. It's not a bad sale - $1 a hardback, 50¢ for paperbacks and 25¢ for YA / childrens. And since it's a library remainder sale that also includes donated books, there is wide selection. It's an excellent place to find classics, Newberys, and a the odd history book.

For $17, this is part of what I purchased. Missing from the picture are a book about St. Patrick (for a friend), a Lando Calrissian novel, a Dalai Lama book, and the complete set of Young Master comics (all for the Husband). The rest of the loot is for me!

Included is a history of the discovery of Penicillin, a collection of writings from visitors to America, a newbery book, and a book about "good-time girls" in Alaska during the Gold Rush. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't find any of the sci-fi novels I've been hunting. 

However, later the night, the Husband and I went to a comic book shop that we like. The proprietor received several boxes of old sci-fi books, which, because he doesn't want to inventory for sale, he lets patrons "borrow" if they want to. I spent 20 minutes or so digging through a few of the boxes (I would have dug through them all, but it was late and the Husband didn't want to stay until dawn), and I found one of the books I have been hunting for 2 years. And I picked up two others by authors I enjoy - all free!

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