Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ramble: Update on Goals

In early March, I posted my reading goals for 2015. I know, better late then never, right? Right.

Anyhoo, I thought I would update you on my progress. 

Evolution: Eh, I'm still slogging through Darwin's Origin of the Species. My word, is this book verbose and complex. I'm finding it difficult to read - so much so, in fact, I'm considering resorting to Cliff's Notes! And the worst part is - He intentionally simplified it so the general masses could read and understand it! I might set it aside and move on to my Darwin Reader by Martson Bates.  

Economics and Fiance: Done! I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kiyosaki and Get a Financial Life by Kobliner. I might, at some point, read The Richest Man in Babylon by Clason, but I consider this goal met!

Memoir and Essay: Haven't even started! And by that I mean, haven't even picked out which ones I want to read!

Mystery and Horror: One down, two-plus to go. I read Sannibel Flats by Randy Wayne White. And while it's more suspense then mystery, there was a enough of how-done-it in the novel to count. 

Science Fiction: Six down, four-plus to go. I read Gamers Fantastic ed. by Greenberg and the first in the The Family d'Alembert Series by E. E. Smith and Stephen Goldin. I just finished Chalker's The Rings of the Master Quartet. Next, I'm going to read Scott's Silence Leigh trilogy, and then the two books of The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series, also by Stephen Goldin. 

I'm actually progressing faster that I thought, but not enough for me to add more to the goals. Perhaps, if by Summer, I'm nearly complete, I might consider it. But for now, I think this is enough. 

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