Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ramble: Book Sorting!

We're snowed in, so in between the naps and snow treks, I sorted a section of my bookshelves. My goal, starting last year, was to sort and purge each section. So far, the sorting is going well. But...I haven't gotten as rid of as many books as I thought I would. Shocker, right?

This is the Before Picture:

We also see my habit of setting items on the shelf. The Three Fat Buddahs, which belonged to my Gram. The Duck we got from the Chrysler Museum when they hosted the World's Largest Duck. The postcards and game cards I found at a shop, with the characters from the Sweet Pickle Books on them. And the green bag my Mama sent from Powell's, when she went there on her trip to Oregon. And a gray stetson, which belongs to my husband and neither of know where it came from.

Here is the After Picture:

The books are neat and orderly, and the random objects put away. The next step, is to read them!

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