Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ramble: Changes to the Blog

Part of my unofficial I-don't-make-resolutions resolutions was to be more active in the online book community.

Part of that was to be more active here.

I started this blog about five years ago, more as a form of discipline for myself. I wanted to be mindful when I read and record those thoughts.

I pulled the name from my first blog, on Xanga. I had a section on the blog called Theading Roughts, a spoonerism of Reading Thoughts. It fit because the audience for that blog was camp people, among whom spoonerism was a standard form of communication.

But over the last few years, I've grown to detest the name. It no longer applies and the incorrect spelling bothered me immensely.

So, I've changed the name to Empress Reads, after my online name, empress8411, which I have used forever (or since 1998, when I first got an email address)

The only other real change is much less complex. Instead of a 1-10 rating system, I'm moving to a 1-5 system.

5: Face-melting Awesome
4: Good, with a one-two flaws
3: Balanced, neither bad nor good, flawed but readable
2: Blah. One-two good points among the morass of stupid.
1: Terrible. How did this even get published?

Other possible changes will be diverse content, more book hauls, covers, collections, and bookstores.

Let the Year of the Books Begin!

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