Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, The Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison (L)

Synopsis: A time-spanning graphic novel featuring Bruce Wayne's return to Gotham City to take back the mantle of Batman written byaward-winning writer Grant Morrison and illustrated by a stable to today's hottest artists including Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irvingand Yannick Paquette. This is the final chapter of the epic storyline that began in the best-selling graphic novels, BATMAN:R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS where the original Batman was lost in time after being bombarded with the omega beams of evil Des-pot,Darkseid and continued in BATMAN & ROBIN: BATMAN REBORN where Dick Grayson, the original Robin, tookover wearing the cape and cowl of the Dark Knight after the world's heroes believed his mentor to have died. (from the online description)

Review: In Morrison’s Batman and Robin Arc, we get one side of the story – Alfred, Dick, and Damien following the clues left through history. In this story, we get how the clues were left – but Bruce Wayne. Tossed through time by Darkseid, Bruce is speeding towards the end of time. When he gets there, he will have accumulated enough energy to blow reality to pieces. From the end of time, the Justice League works to stop him, and as he moves through history, Bruce leaves clues, clues intended to lead his friends and colleagues to the answer.
While I enjoyed the story, in particular, how we once again see the genius of Bruce Wayne, I found some parts of it hard to follow. I think the story leads itself to repeated readings, with layers and twists and turned intended to grab the attention of the reader. After reading the Batman and Robin arc, it was intriguing to see how Bruce left the clues that Alfred, Dick, and Damien found. And the ending was truly excellent, fitting a story about Batman.
Excellent story, worth reading. 

Bookmarks: 4 of 5

Awards: None

ISBN: 978-1-4012-2968-9
Year Published: 2011 (Collected from Stories Published in 2010)
Date Finished: 5-14-2017
Pages: 98

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