Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review: Pretty Deadly, Volume Two: The Bear by Kelly Sue De Connick (Author), Emma Ríos (Artist)

Synopsis: Having assumed Death's mantel, Sissy, along with Death's daughter Ginny, must seek out errant Reapers, long left scattered and wild, and return them to the fold. In the mortal realm, the children of a dying Sarah Fields beg Death for one more full moon so she may see her youngest son and say goodbye. Little do they know, young Cyrus is far away, caught up with the Reaper of War, who threatens to conquer the world.


Note: May Contain Spoilers

We open shortly after the first volume. Sissy, having taken over the mantle of death, sends Alice and Ginny to capture errant Reapers, who have long run wild without the careful attention of Death.
One reaper, in particular, The Reaper of War, who rides the Reaper of Fear, has started the War to End All Wars.  And young Cyrus, the son of Sarah Fields, is trapped in a trench; face the brutal world created by the Reaper of War.
In particular, what I enjoyed about this story was the idea of Reaper. Each Reaper has a particular type or kind of Reaping. Ginny is the Reaper of Vengeance, Alice the Reaper of Cruelty. But another, he is the Reaper of Grace. The idea that each reaper is give task to reap a certain type of person and to reap in a certain way – it’s so brilliant it hurts!
Told with stark reds and blacks, stylized lines, and creative use of the panels, this story is dark, bloody, full of terror – and hope. There is a beauty to the death, to the madness, a sense of right and order, even in the midst to the pain. To read it, is like reading poetry about death.
Excellent, worth reading.
This is suitable for high school age children and up. There is limited language and sexual content, but extensive violence and blood. This is not a happy book. 

Bookmarks: 4.5 of 5

Awards: None

ISBN: 978-1-63215-694-5
Year Published: 2016
Date Finished: 5-2-2017
Pages: 98

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