Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review: Batman & Robin Arc by Grant Morrison et al. (Batman Reborn, Batman vs. Robin, Batman and Robin Must Die)

Synopsis: With Batman dead, Richard Grayson sets aside the mantle of Nightwing and becomes Batman, with Damien Wayne, Bruce's heir, as Robin. Still shocked by the loss of their father and mentor, Dick and Damien take on the challenge of maintaining Batman's presences in Gotham, even as the tide of crime rises and those once cowed by Batman rise up. Will Dick be able to fill the place of Bruce? Will Damien choose to stay instead of returning to his mother, the assassin Talia Al’Gul?  And what about the clues left in the Wayne manor – clues that point to a very much alive Bruce Wayne?

This arc is comprised of three volumes, Batman Reborn, Batman vs. Robin, Batman and Robin Must Die

Review: Over all, this is a fantastic arc. We get to see Dick try to be Batman and Damien dealing with the death of his father in the only way he knows how – through violence. The story focuses somewhat on the relationship between Dick and Damien, as they navigate how to relate as family and as crime fighting partners. They don’t have much time to work this out as, the criminal element of the world has flooded into Gotham, filling to vacuum that Batman left. With addictive drugs, crazed butchers, and the Joker loose, Dick and Damien find out being Batman isn’t as easy as Bruce made it look.
Woven through all of this is the mystery of Wayne Manor – clues and symbols woven through time that lead Alfred, Dick, and Damien to believe that perhaps – Bruce isn’t dead after all. But is it Bruce, or some demon summoned by the Wayne Ancestors.
The reason the last volume gets a lower rating is the art. The style seemed off, boxy and Avant Garde, instead of dynamic. It was jarring to the eye and it detracted from the story instead of enhanced it. But overall, the art brought the story to life, using clear lines and dark tones – fitting for a Batman story.
An enjoyable read and one vital to the story of Batman. 

Bookmarks:   4 of 5 / 4 of 5 / 3.5 of 5

Awards: None

ISBN: 978-1-4012-2987-0 /  978-1-4012-3217-9 / 978-1-4012-3508-6
Year Published: 2010-2012 (Collecting Issues from 2009-2012)
Date Finished: 5-11-2017 / 5-14-2017 / 5-14-2017

Pages: 105 / 98 / 98

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