Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ramble: Three Threads

I've given more thoughts to how I will pick my next reads. I really like the Rule of Three because it prevents me from getting washed in fiction and neglecting my stacks of non-fiction.

But, this new idea, of reading my To Be Read book in alpha order of title - regardless of genre? I don't know, but there is something quite enticing about that system.

But, I don't want to neglect my spiritual reading either....

And then there are the series I promised myself I would read this year.

So, here is the new proposed plan.

Thread One: Continue to read Christian books, 3 at time, using the Facebook Method to choose the order

Thread Two: Read the To Be Read Pile in order, excluding the occasional book with particular requirements (i.e. the Daily devotional books or the series that too closely match Thread Three)

Thread Three: Start reading the series, switching between general fiction, fantasy and science fiction, as my tastes and Thread Two dictate.

What say you? Does this sound plausible?

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