Monday, June 1, 2015

Acquisitions: The Book Haul, Part One

I buy book lots via online auctions. Local ones, where I go pick up the volumes. Usually, it's a box or two. But, the hazard of buying online is sometimes, well, there are more books than I realized from the pictures.

This book haul was one of them.

It was four lots, $20 each, plus tax - so about $100 total.

I thought I was buying about 100-200 books. I was wrong.

It was actually over 700 books.

Composed mostly of pre-1960 hardback novels and heavy non-fiction, it was a jumble of dusty, crumbling, archaic volumes - in other words, it glorious treasure trove of booky goodness!

It look me about 2 hours to box them and carrying them from the upstairs hall shelves in this early 1900s house into my car. The car rode noticeably lower once loaded, being that the books went from floor to ceiling, from trunk to front seat.

It took me almost a day carrying them from the car into the dining room, mostly because I had dust off every volume before I brought it inside. Even then, the dining room was filled with dust motes and towering piles.

And books. Books to the ceiling, books to the doors, books to the rafters, books from wall to wall, books, glorious books!

I've already started digging through, and I've found some treasures - but that's a topic for another post.....

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