Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates by Stephen Goldin and Mary Mason

Synopsis: Honor among thieves was a concept new to Jade Darcy. So when Megan Cafferty hired the computer-enhanced mercenary warrior for a mission to the isolationist world of Restappa, Jade expected to spend most of her time guarding their belongings from the devious monks who would be their hosts. But theft would prove the least of their worries. For Restappa was about to choose the new heir to religious rule of the planet. And as guests of the monastery where the selection ceremonies would take place, Jade and Megan were quickly caught up in the devious plots and intricate assassination games of the various candidates and sects - some of whom saw them as a prize to be won, while others marked them as a danger to be eliminated with all possible speed.... (from the back of the book)

Review: I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first. Jade seemed to act out-of-character, one minutes worried about being found out, the next making a huge scene in front of the very people she wanted to hide from. And her relationship with Megan was odd - friends or lovers or something in between  - it was all very vague. And the end felt rushed. The whole mystery of who killed the victims dragged on, and then bam! Mystery solved in a paragraph, with minimal effort or detail. The world-building had depth and detail, which I liked, and I felt the premise of the entire story was strong. And it was clear that Goldin meant for there to be more books, but never wrote them. At least two of storylines - one started in the previous book - where not resolved. In the end, I'm glad I read this, I like where Goldin was going and his universe has some interesting twists (The Greest, for example), but this isn't a strong story because he has the characters act outside of the personality he already established for them.

Bookmarks; 6 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 0-451-45021-3
Date Finished: 6-15-2015
Pages: 293

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