Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Review: Not Good If Detached by Corrie Ten Boom

Synopsis: In Not Good If Detached, Corrie reveals that the secret of "abiding in Christ" is discovered in the difficulties of life, in total dependence on him, and in a consistent daily walk. This collection of thirty devotionals imparts insight from the people Corrie met around the world as well as important lessons she learned from the Lord. "Without Him, I am nothing," wrote Corrie. "Like some railway tickets in America, I am not good if detached."This book was originally published by Christian Literature Crusade in 1957 (from the online description)

Review:  Ten Boom writes in a strange, wobbly style. If I hadn't read her The Hiding Place, I might not have picked this up. It's language and style are dated, and it's a bit cheesy. And yet, she speaks truth. Her humility and love for God shine from the prose. One can't help but feel convicted by her words. She holds nothing back from God, giving all - her life, time, energy, money - all goes to doing the will of God. Most of us don't come close to her love and devotion to Jesus. Worth reading.

Bookmarks:  7 of 10

Awards: None

Date Published: 1957
Date Finished: 12-8-15
Pages: 127

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