Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review: The World's Finest Foods: 180 Classic Recipe from Around the World by Ann Creber and Elisabeth King

Synopsis: A cookbook with recipes from around the world.

Review: This book is part coffee table book, part world tour, and part cookbook. Heavy and large, with gorgeous color photos, it's a feast for the eyes. Each country is introduced with a two-page spread that talks about the influences on the food, the history of the cuisine and what the most popular dining customs are for the county. Including recipes from China, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and the United States, it's like a mini world tour! The recipes I'm most looking forward to trying are Djej M'Qualli (Chicken with Green Olives and Preserved Lemons) from Morocco, Enchiladas de Pollo from Mexico, Yam Kai Dow (Crispy Fried Egg Salad) from Thailand, Carne con Olivas (Beef with Olives) from Spain, Soupa Avgolemono (Egg and Lemon Soup) from Greece, Shashlyk i Plov s Gribami (Shewered Lamb with Mushroom and Rice Pilaf) and Beef Stroganov from Russia, Hun Tun Tang (Wonton Soup), Ningmeng Ji (Lemon Chicken), Cha Shao He Chao Fan (Cantonese Roast Pork Strips and Fried Rice) and Xia Qiu (Crystal Shrimp) from China. I'm hungry just typing all that out! Each recipe includes a list of ingredients, directions, pictures, and a short explanation of where the dish is from and its history. Any ingredients that are essential to the county (i.e. olives or dates or soy sauce) have a small information box talking about the ingredient, like how it is made and it is history. Each recipe also includes "Wine Notes" about the best wine to serve with the dish. I'm excited to get started cooking and bring a little taste of the world to my kitchen.

Bookmarks: 8 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 1-55670-374-0
Date Finished: 11-25-2015
Pages: 304

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