Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: The Rule of St. Benedict in English (1980) ed. by Timothy Fry, O.S.B.

Synopsis: The English translation of St. Benedicts's Rule of Orders, written in Latin approx. between 529-547 A.D.

Review: This is a tight, sharp, clean little work. Benedict is clear and precise, with limited words. His rules seem a bit strict to my modern mind (not a fan of the idea of beating children) but I understand that during the time, this was acceptable and even laudable. My inherent mistrust of humans causes me to ask whether Benedict's rule would work - there is much room for the miss-use of power. The answer, of course, is that each monk should be so devoted to Christ that he exudes the humility and kindness of the Lord. But humans are notoriously prone to self-interest and to the use of religious belief and the name of God to further their own agenda.
That aside, this was a worthwhile read. To understand how the Benedictine monks lived, and to perhaps find wisdom for living ones own life. One doesn't need to be a monk to require advice on how to deal with other humans in a manner pleasing to God. This book offers excellent assistance in that area: worth reading and worth buying.

Bookmarks: 8 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 978-0-8146-1272-9
Date Finished: 12-6-2015
Pages: 96

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