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Review: The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn

Synopsis: This is an eight book series, each following one of the eight Bridgerton siblings. They are set during 1813 to about 1830 against the backdrop of high society in Regency England. I chose to review all eight books together because I don't have enough to say about each to fill eight blogs. For a detailed synopsis of each book, click on the links below.

Review: I enjoy Julia Quinn for her less-fluffy treatment of romance, her humor and mostly her dialogue. These books were good, but I felt they were all over the place as far as quality. The first two (The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Love Me) were excellent. I enjoyed the story, the characters were believable and the romance sweet. The sex was tame and saved until after both couples were married. The third was okay, but I never managed to get into the characters. And fourth was my favorite, as I adored the heroine (she was in all of the previous books) and the romance was the most natural of the eight.
I did not enjoy the next three, in particular When He Was Wicked. The sex was graphic, extensive and gross. I would not recommend this one to anyone with a prudish nature like myself. As for the other two, my complaints are similar, although the heroine in It's In His Kiss makes an appearance in the other books (as she is the youngest sibling) and I think she is my second favorite.
As for the last, I enjoyed the reappearance of several of my favorite characters and the story was well-done, if a tad dramatic. The sex, thankfully, wasn't as graphic, but I skipped that part so I can't say with much certainty.
As a whole, I enjoyed the series. But I would caution against reading them if you are prudish (like me) or do what I do and skip the sex scenes. Overall, I give this series a 7 of 10.

The Duke and I: 7 of 10
The Viscount Who Loved Me: 7 of 10
An Offer From a Gentleman: 6 of 10
Romancing Mr. Bridgerton: 7 of 10
To Sir Phillip, With Love: 6 of 10
When He Was Wicked: 5 of 10
It's In His Kiss: 6 of 10
On the Way to the Wedding: 6 of 10


On the Way to the Wedding - RITA 2007

Date Started: 7-27-2011
Date Finished: 8-2-2011

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