Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: N or M? by Agatha Christie

Synopsis: Five cryptic words on the lips of a dying man...This was the only clue that a sleepy sea-side boarding house was the source of the most devilish and monstrous operations of all time. An ingenious story intrigue, murder and detection by the world's foremost author of mystery and suspense. (from the back of the book)

Review: Generally, I enjoy Agatha Christie. This one lacked something, however. I'm not sure if it was the shallowness of the characters, the overbearing Nazi-hatred, the relentless English patriotism or the lusterless prose - but it felt bland and stagnant. The usual twists and turns in the plot were there, but it couldn't pull the prose out of it's blandness.

Bookmarks: 6 of 10

Awards: None

Date Finished: 8-6-2011
Pages: 191

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