Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman

Synopsis: A shout comes echoing up the stairway: "Fetch the whipping boy." Since it is forbidden to spank, thrash or whack the heir to the throne, a young orphan named Jemmy has been plucked from the streets to serve as the whipping boy to the arrogant and spiteful Prince Brat. Jemmy has had enough and plans to run away, but Prince Brat beats him to it! He insists that Jemmy come with him, but the two inadvertently change places when they encounter a pair of dangerous outlaws. Can Jemmy and Prince Brat put aside their differences and work together to escape the clutches of Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater? And can they become friends in the process? (from the back of the book)
Review: I first heared this story as movie made by Disney. It's a quick, interesting read and has a surprising amount of depth of a short work. I like the lessons learned by Jemmy and the Prince. It's a good book and I enjoyed it.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: Newbery Medal Winner, 1987

Date Finished: 8-3-2011
Pages: 90


  1. that was read to us by our librarian in grade school. I remember it vividly, I loved it. The "whipping boy" was Christ, in my mind, and the arrogant kid was me. Is that comparison obvious in the book, or did I make that up in my head as a kid?

  2. Kacie, I'm not sure it's obvious, but it's there. I think what makes the story excellent is that each person will find the lesson most important to them in the prose. Perhasp at the time, that was the lesson you needed? ~ L