Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ramble: Deep Fried Behinds

I'm rather behind on my book reviewing.

Okay, not rather behind. Very Behind. Egregiously Behind. So Behind I'm being lapped....

Yes, that was a NASCAR reference. No, I don't watch it. But I'm related by blood and law to people who do. And no one does Red-Neck Food like a racetrack. Whoa, boy - you need something deep fried that was never intended to be deep fried - a racetrack is the place to find it. 

Where was I? Right, book reviews....

11. That's how many books I've read and not reviewed. Actually, the number is 9 because 2 books I wrote a review of for LibraryThing because they gave me the books free if I wrote a one.

Which is AWESOME! Because...FREE BOOKS! And all you have to do is give an opinion. Which I do anyway. always. about everything.

My third one arrives in a few weeks. YEE-HAW!

Where was I? Right, book reviews...

I'm going to write them. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my....oh, look! New book in the mail. Be right back.

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