Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: The Mammoth Book of Futurustic Romance ed. by Trisha Telep

Synopsis: This book is precisely what the title suggests: a collection of short romantic stories with a science fiction / futurist setting, some on Earth, some not.

Review: I purchased this mainly for the Linnea Sinclair stories, as it's the only thing she's published in several years. She contributed two stories. The first was an epilogue of sorts to Games of Command, and it was marvelous to see these two characters again. The second of her stories was new and just as marvelous - combining science fiction with a touch of fantasy and a sweet bit of romance.
As for the rest of the stories, they were the usual grap-bag in an anthology. Several were excellent, but at least two were not good at all, and several were just "meh." At least two sent me looking for more work by the authors and one was repulsive and I didn't enjoy at all. A wide range, I must say. I recommend to anyone interesting in science fiction romance, and a must-buy for Linnea Sinclair fans.

Prude Note: Several of the stories, including Sinclair's, had no sex scene at all, although it is alluded too. At least two had rather graphic scenes and given that's it a short story, it's harder to skip. Most contained your standard romance heavy breathing, nothing graphic but it's clear what's happening.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10
Awards: None

Date Finished: 2-19-2017
Pages: 512

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