Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair

Synopsis: Independent trader Trilby Elliot is making some not-quite-legal modifications to her starfreighter, when an unexpected visitor falls out of space. Literally. He’s crashed onto the uninhabited planet of Avanar in a crippled ’Sko fighter–the last place you’d expect to find a Zafharin military officer because the ’Sko and the Zafharin have been at war as long as Trilby can remember.

Rhis Vanur is your typically arrogant Zafharin. But to Trilby’s surprise, he doesn’t look down on her or her slapdash ship. Still, Trilby’s learned the hard way that even though she found Rhis, she can’t keep him. She’s just a low-budget jump jockey as far as men like him are concerned. She’s not falling for his offer to help…until Port Rumor reports her best friend missing and Trilby learns that the ’Sko are hunting both her and Rhis. Now they’re in it together for better, for worse–or till death blasts them to oblivion.... (from the back of the book)

Review: I've read almost ever Sinclair book. This is not her best. BUT, it's still a fine read. Her characters didn't have the completeness of later books, but the plot is complex, the world-building is intriguing and it's pace-paced enough to keep the reader's attention. Her Dock Five series and Games of Command are better, but that's too be expected as she matured as a writer. I recommend this to any Sinclair fan, and indeed, anyone looking for science fiction romance.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards:  2001 Sapphire Award; 2003 EPPIE Award, for Fantasy/Science Fiction/Paranormal Romance

Date Finished: 2-20-2013
Pages: 480

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