Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: The Sum of All Kisses by Julie Quinn (Smythe-Smith Quartet, Book 3)

Synopsis: He thinks she's an annoying know-it-all. Hugh Prentice has never had patience for dramatic females, and if Lady Sarah Pleinsworth has ever been acquainted with the words shy or retiring, she's long since tossed them out the window. Besides, even if Hugh did grow to enjoy her company, it wouldn't matter. A reckless duel has left this brilliant mathematician with a ruined leg, and now, unable to run, ride or even waltz, he could never court a woman like Sarah, much less dream of marrying her.
She thinks he's just plain mad. Sarah has never forgiven Hugh for the duel he fought three years earlier, the on that forced her cousin into exile, nearly destroying her family. But even if she could find a way to forgive him, it wouldn't matter. She doesn't car that his leg is less than perfect, it's his personality she can't abide. But when the pair is forced to spend a week in close company, they discover that first impressions are not always reliable. And when one kiss leads to two, three and four, the mathematician may lose count and the lay may, for the first time, find herself speechless. (From the back of the book)

Review: Once again, Julia Quinn has written a book of sparkling wit, humor and romance. I love how she intertwines her stories and has previous characters show up, or even play pivitol parts. The two main characters, Hugh and Sarah, are excellent characters - flawed, well-rounded, with depth and distinct personas. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romance novel.

Bookmarks: 7 of 10

Awards: None

ISBN: 78-0-06-207292-4
Date Finished: 11-2-2013
Pages: 373

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