Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Williamsburg Decorating with Style by the Colonial Williamsburg Founation

Synopsis: A treasury of home design from America's favorite historic restoration, Williamsburg Decorating with Style, shows that the most contemporary way to decorate is by looking for inspiration from the past. (from the back of the book)

Review: This was part of this recent acquisition from an estate sale. It's not a book I would normally by (or even pick up in the store), but given my recent obsession with all things Revolutionary, I decided to read it. Mostly, it was as I expected - gorgeous photos demonstrating decorating ideas based on the colonial style from 1750-1800. The written portion was interesting, containing a few sparse historical details intermingled with glamorous descriptions of style. At times, it felt more like an advertisement for the Williamsburg reproduction line than a decorating book. And I was sadly disappointed in the lack of historic details - but then, I may have been expecting too much from a book. It never advertised itself as a historic book, but a decorating one. This is an interesting work, one I'm happy I read, but I wouldn't rely on it solely for decorating ideas.

Bookmarks: 6.5 of 10

Awards: None

Date Finished: 11-22-2013
Pages: 176

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